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Tórshavnar kommuna: Spennandi ráðstevna á Reinsarínum í dag sum Klippfisk skipaði fyri. Annika Olsen, borgarstjóri, helt røðu á enskum.

Røðan var soljóðandi:

Dear all.

We are very happy to see you all here today – Screen Talent Europe, Klippfisk, Faroese filmmakers and partners of Klippfisk.

Tórshavn City Council has been a loyal supporter of Klippfisk since it was founded in 2005. For the past two-and-a-half years, Klippfisk has been part of the Hugskotið entrepreneurial incubator. This collaboration, which started on a trial basis, has now become a big success.

From May 2017 to July 2019, Beinta Haraldsen managed Klippfisk. She has now been replaced by Anton Petersen, a Faroese film director, who returns to the Klippfisk management position he held in 2010-2011.
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Anton to this position.

The film industry in the Faroe Islands has enjoyed huge growth in recent years. Nóllywood is a new generation of film talents, many of whom work full-time creating films in the Klippfisk studios. The Nóllywood project has recently expanded to include the twice-yearly Klippfisk Bootcamp.

Klippfisk has also organised two local 48-hour film competitions in Tórshavn. The most recent of these had more than 80 participants creating 21 films in 48 hours – with two of them ending up as nominees for the Geytin 2019 national film awards.

In addition to forming the backbone of Faroese film production, Klippfisk has also been an essential resource for supplying equipment, guidance and post production facilities.


Screen Talent Europe has been a great platform for Faroese film talents, giving them the opportunity to travel abroad for courses, workshops, bootcamps and competitions.

One example of this is Julia í Kálvalíð, who in July received an “honorable mention” at the Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum in Norway.
Two others are Maria Tórgarð and Trygvi Danielsen, who attended comprehensive film courses in Palestina – experiences which have subsequently led to valuable cross-border collaborations.

Perhaps the greatest success story is Andrias Høgenni, who started learning his trade at Klippfisk at a young age. He has since studied abroad, forming close professional collaborations with the Copenhagen Film Workshop and the Odense Film Workshop, both of which are part of Screen Talent Europe.

Screen Talent Europe has also enabled Andrias to attend pitch competitions, courses and other events that have set him on a path of international success, culminating in a short film prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


This shows us how important it is to nurture our film talents and help them develop their skills.

Today, we have a new, strong and creative generation of filmmakers working in the Klippfisk studios. They typically start their film careers at the Nóllywood film school in Nólsoy, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. They then attend a Klippfisk Bootcamp during their autumn or Easter break and supplement their learning with evening school courses arranged by Tórshavn City Council.


It inspires us as a city council to see that our efforts to nurture these young film talents can result in international success in only a few years. Who knows? Maybe we will be seeing someone in here holding a Palme d’Or or an Oscar in a few years’ time?

The fruitful collaboration between European film workshops has been a crucial part of Klippfisk’s continued success, and Tórshavn City Council is particularly happy with Klippfisk’s partnership with Screen Talent Europe, as it opens doors between our little nation and the great European continent.

We hope you have all had some happy and productive days here with us, and we hope to see many more of your film talents here in the Faroe Islands – just like we hope to see many of our own film talents working on projects in your countries.

Welcome one and all and thank you for coming.

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